Untitled Teilhard de Chardin Feature

The Concept

It’s 1929, and a French priest and paleontologist discovers a prehistoric skull in an obscure copper mine outside of Peking that changes the world forever. The man is Father Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, and the skull turns out to be “Peking Man,” the missing link between humans and apes—that elusive piece of evidence that finally proved the controversial theory of evolution. It is a discovery that Teilhard pays dearly for, and he is exiled by the Church from his beloved Paris and never allowed to publish in his lifetime. This feature film will tell the incredible true story of Teilhard’s quest for the skull and the secrets it unlocked about humanity’s origins. It’s an epic odyssey that took him from rural France to the archeological sites of remote China where he met the unrequited love of his life, Lucille Swann, to the inner sanctum of the Vatican where he attempted to convince the Church that science need not conflict with faith.

Project Status

We are in the development phase on this feature film project and own the film rights to the two primary books on the life of Teilhard de Chardin: The Jesuit & the Skull by Amir Aczel and Spirit of Fire by Ursula King.